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Hill Street Native Trail Garden, Golf Enthusiasts Playground

Hill St Nature Trail 

This challenging slope on the backside of a newly remodeled Point Loma home came with incredible views but an unfortunately unusable backyard due to the steep incline.  Leigh suggested navigating the slope by installing a nature trail similar to those at Sunset Cliffs, with rustic steps driven deep into the slope.  Native plants grip the hillside and a simple wood and rope nautical handrail was installed for kids to clamber up.  Large boulders intended to mimic the cliffs and bluffs of Point Loma were lifted on a 60' boom and inserted into the top of the hillside and into the slope to provide perches for relaxing and catching ones breath.  A golfers practice paradise, a small patch of turf was installed at the top of the slope for driving down to the lower putting green.  Professional grade putting green installed with Native grasses inspired by the famous Bandon Dunes PGA course. 


Coastal Bluff Trail

When Vicki and Craig approached me about this slope, I saw a great opportunity for creating accessibility by blending into the native ecology and providing a wildlife corridor connection.  Native plants would provide needed erosion control, and large boulders would provide an anchor for building our pathways - although I didn't know then how we were going to get them up there!  A greywater perforated drainage pipe exits the home and disperses grey-water throughout the slope and down the side through a waterfall like swale.  Shredded agriservice mulch grips the slope except where the natural sandstone comes through.  Rustic handrail nodding to Point Loma's nautical culture provides support and rustic railroad tie steps driven with rebar into the slope provide a stable ascent up the steep slope.  


A Family Affair 

With 6 grandchildren and more on the way, Vicki and Bob wanted to make sure they could enjoy their favorite pastime with the grandkids when they visited from New England.  A small bar and shade cover with seating was installed on the side and a mini fridge installed for beers for spectators.  


Driving Range

Vicki came up with the idea of a rough at the top for fun family games and happy hour.   This garden did it's best to keep Point Loma wild and true to it's troublemaking roots with this one! 

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